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Are Wizards of NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems legal on road cars?

Are Wizards of NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems legal on road cars?

In the UK nitrous oxide use is legal on road cars (contrary to what many people believe, including some police officers) and that is solely due to the efforts of the WON team, who single handedly convinced the insurance industry, to reverse the anti-nitrous position that they held for many years up to that time. In general the legality of nitrous use on the road varies from country to country, even within the EU. Furthermore there is no relevant law in the Highway Code or the MOT handbook prohibiting the use of nitrous injection. It should be remembered that just as with any tuning modification, the owner must inform their insurance company and obtain adequate cover, otherwise the performance modification would be illegal. Therefore the only way you will break the law by having your street car fitted with a nitrous kit in the UK, is if you fail to inform your insurance company that you have done so. Insuring a nitrous injected vehicle has become even easier than it was when WON first joined forces with Adrian Flux, because other insurers (like Greenlight Insurance) have also started offering cover for nitrous equipped cars. There is a degree of confusion over the need to have a hazard warning sticker on the outside of the car. We previously explained that nitrous oxide is neither a flammable nor a hazardous gas but it is a relatively high pressure oxidiser. Whilst there is a legal requirement for commercial vehicles to display a suitable sticker, this same rule does not apply to private vehicles, which are not even obliged to display a green compressed gas sticker. However, displaying such a warning sticker might well be advantageous to you and the emergency services, if you were unfortunate enough to be involved in any kind of accident, as this would inform them that you were carrying a container of compressed oxidiser in your car.

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