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NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems

NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems

Highpower Nitrous Systems (manufacturers of The Wizards of NOS) have been working with and manufacturing Nitrous Oxide Systems and other related products for nearly 30 years. As a result, we have developed revolutionary products and systems which are considered to be the best in the world. We are continually developing new innovative designs to bring the nitrous industry to new levels.
All our systems are manufactured to the highest standards, consequently we are so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on every product we manufacture.

The key factor to a Highpower nitrous kit is to deliver "the most dense liquid nitrous possible, to your engine". Starting from the bottle valve and continuing to the injector, Highpower has addressed and developed products from the ground up to make sure nitrous density and efficiency is optimized for best performance, safety, and distribution. This includes several choices of nitrous supply lines to better match flow requirements. A standard -4 braided line flows over 300hp so using it on a 50-100hp application doesn't make sense along with having a fixed length that gets coiled up in many applicatioins as it's to long. Another key factor is the unique jet location situated in the outlet of the solenoid and NOT the injector itself. By doing this the nitrous delivery does not provide that "hard hitting lean-out" that people associate with nitrous kits, while still providing optimal acceleration. A secondary benefit is easier jet changes and fewer jet changes in many if not all applications. Please view our detailed product section, technical section, and message board to learn more about Highpower nitrous systems.


Design - We’re the only nitrous company to design the majority of our products (specifically for nitrous use), in-house and have the parts manufactured for our sole distribution. All other nitrous system solenoids on the market are simply re-labeled industrial solenoids and not originally designed from the drawing board up for optimal nitrous delivery and ultimate reliability especially when pulsed.

Pulsing - Our “Pulsoids” are the only nitrous system solenoids specifically designed and developed for reliable and accurate pulsed control. From the drawing board onwards they were intended for use as a matched pair for optimum results. Our unique jet location at the Pulsoid outlets produces the smoothest power delivery, resulting in less stress on your engine and transmission. Every Pulsoid is hand assembled and tested extensively, unlike other systems that use mass produced solenoids.

Smooth Control - We offer the only nitrous systems and progressive controllers that were designed and developed to work together in partnership. This results in the smoothest and most even nitrous mixture delivery, helping to eliminate the severe backfires and engine damage associated with nitrous. This unique combination minimizes the stress to your vehicle whilst maximizing performance.

Mixture & Distribution - Our Crossfire is the only injector designed primarily for single point use, no other injector (nozzle) can give you such an even distribution of mixture across all cylinders from a single injection point. Our Single point systems are the simplest and cheapest of our range but often result in quicker performances than more complex systems (on low power settings). When direct port is essential then the Crossfire is compact enough for the trickiest of installations and in conjunction with our unique combined distribution block, flow correction across the cylinders is rarely required.

Delivery - Our systems are the only systems with a range of nitrous feed lines to achieve optimum performance at a given power level. Our standard 5mm nylon supply line doesn’t even require a purge kit for day to day use because it's so well matched to applications requiring less than 150bhp of nitrous.

Pricing - Our prices appear higher but when you consider the advanced designs, the superior quality and the higher performance our systems can achieve, you're actually getting far more performance ££ than with other kits. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all products, we are available for unlimited customer service and tuning help for as long as you own your kit and we have invested 1,000s of hours and the best part of a million ££s in R&D work to produce our unique range of products to lead the world in nitrous technology, rather than buying off the shelf, mass produced cheap components like all other companies do.

Truth - Not all nitrous systems perform the same! Many systems share the same base components bought from the same industrial suppliers, only one company offers you parts that were purpose designed and produced ONLY for nitrous use.

We uniquely offer you only the best products, the best craftsmanship, the most advanced knowledge, outstanding reliability and superior performance.

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