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Crossfire X2 Injector

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The Crossfire X2 injector/nozzle is the only nitrous injector in the world, designed specifically for single point nitrous systems. It is also the only injector with twin cross firing nitrous outlets and as a consequence, distribution in single injector applications is vastly superior to the likes of Fogger type nozzles.

Crossfire X2 injector

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  • Crossfire X2 injector
  • Crossfire X2 injector
  • Crossfire X2 injector


The Crossfire X2 combined nitrous and fuel injector/nozzle;
Is the only injector (nozzle) in the world ‘designed’ for direct port applications AND specifically for single point injection applications.
Offers unique twin cross firing nitrous outlets.
Has a unique curved nitrous outlet flow path (rather than an abrupt 90-degree bend like other nozzles), for maximum flow efficiency.
Has a unique central fuel discharge port, which is positioned to aim the fuel down the runner, rather than across it, to avoid fuel drop out.
Uses a metric fine thread (10 x 1mm), for secure fastening to thin walled and plastic manifold runners, without causing cracking of the wall, as US nozzles do.
Benefits from a relatively low profile head for use in tight locations, which is much more compact than any other nozzle.
Is CNC machined from high grade stainless steel.
Offers the option of secure retaining without the need for cutting threads, with our unique low profile thermoplastic retainers.
A well-designed and effective combined injector for single point applications should;
1) Thoroughly mix the fuel with the nitrous.
2) Distribute it as evenly as possible by removing as much of the inherent directional force from the nitrous plume as possible, to prevent all or most of the nitrous, being fired in to one or a few cylinders, rather than distribute it evenly between all cylinders.
Our unique Crossfire injector/nozzle is the only injector that has been specifically designed for single point nitrous and fuel delivery on multi-cylinder engines and as a result it does that job much better than any other brand of nozzle.
To achieve such outstanding results the Crossfire is the only injector/nozzle with twin nitrous discharge ports, which produce the widest discharge plume of any combined injector/nozzle on the market and will therefore achieve much better distribution, whilst also delivering outstanding nitrous, fuel and air mixing.
The flow path through the Crossfire to the outlet ports is such that it reduces the naturally strong directional force that nitrous inherently has, which aids in achieving even distribution.  
Another unique feature of the Crossfire design, is the location of the fuel exit, which discharges fuel in-line with the air and nitrous flow, whilst the nitrous discharges from the 2 ports either side of that, resulting in a cross firing action on the fuel flow, to achieve superior fuel mixing and distribution. Delivering the fuel in line with the nitrous and air flow, results in far less fuel drop out and therefore puddling on the manifold floor, which reduces the likelihood and consequences of any engine backfire.
In contrast to the smooth nitrous path through the WON Crossfire, most other nozzles consist of a single ‘simple’ outlet that is crudely drilled at 90 degrees to the main drilling (resulting in an abrupt bend), causing turbulence, flow loss and a reduction in density.
To enhance the fitting capabilities of our Crossfire, especially on single point applications, we offer a unique thermoplastic retainer, which is designed to create a secure fitment of the Crossfire to any intake tube, without the need for the tube to be threaded and therefore results in a very quick and simple installation in such applications. 
Unlike other brands who use bulky metal nuts for this kind of component, the WON retainer is a low profile thermoplastic component, which neither creates any obstruction (as the other brands do), nor puts your engine at any risk, in the unlikely event of it coming adrift and falling in to the engine for any reason.
Each injector is supplied with a spacer (and retainer if required), for a simple and universal fit to any silicone, rubber, plastic or metal intake tube.
Dimensions - 1.5" (40mm) x 0.8" (20mm) x 0.4” (10mm)
Length of thread - 0.7" (17mm)
Size of retaining thread - 10mm x 1mm metric fine
Size of pipe connection threads - 8 x 1mm
Approximate maximum flow 200hp.



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