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Why do Wizards of NOS use nylon line?

Why do Wizards of NOS use nylon line?

Nylon line is better suited than braided line to certain applications for numerous reasons;

• Nylon pipe does not absorb or retain as much heat as braided hose.

• Nylon pipe with the external fittings maintains a constant I.D. throughout its length, whereas braided hose with its internal end fittings causes phase change.

• Nylon pipe can be cut to the exact length desired, which is beneficial for nitrous use as the shorter the flow path the more efficient it is.

When WON first started using nylon pipe it was unique in doing so but nylon pipe is now becoming more commonly used by other companies in high end race applications, confirming that WON was right to use nylon pipe all along .Having said that, WON nylon is not the same as used by other brands, because it’s manufactured ‘specifically’ for WON only, to the highest possible specification. Even our low pressure nylon pipe is of higher specification, than that offered by other companies, despite it being subjected to less pressure due to our unique jet location.

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