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What do the Wizards of NOS metering jets do?

What do the Wizards of NOS metering jets do?

Unlike other brands, our jets are stamped with flow rate numbers to make the tuning process more accurate and much easier, than relying on just the jet diameters. The ‘theoretical’ power rating of a given jet (@ 950 psi) in a WON Nitrous Oxide System is half the number stamped on the nitrous jet, which means a jet stamped with 100 will make 50 hp, while a jet stamped with 200 will make 100 hp, and so on. On the fuel side we always recommend a safe rich starting ratio of 2:1 for fuel injection and 1:1 for low pressure carburettor applications. This translates into using a 50 fuel jet with a 100 nitrous jet if fuel injected and a 100 fuel jet with a 100 nitrous jet if using carburettors and low fuel pressure. Then if you need to go leaner with a 3:1 ratio for instance on a fuel injection motor, you would use a 33.3 (round up to a 35 jet) on the fuel side for the same 100 nitrous jet. After appropriate mixture adjustment has determined the optimum fuel & nitrous jet sizes at a low power level, it is then possible to calculate the ratio between the two and use that ratio to determine what sizes are needed as you step the power up. Therefore, if a 100 nitrous jet and 50 fuel jet (2:1) worked well to make 50 hp you should be able to use a 200 nitrous jet and 100 fuel jet to make 100 hp safely and maintain the same a/f ratio. In summary: 50hp using a 2:1 ratio = (100 N2O and 50 fuel) and a 4:1 ratio = (100 N2O and 25 fuel). This principle is only intended for modest power levels and on high power levels and/or for race applications, the full system should be flow tested and measured to determine the exact jet sizes to use as you increase the power.

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