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REVO Technical Information

Most people appreciate that power is nothing without control and yet nitrous has lacked any ‘real’ control for the past 30 years and in part it’s this lack of control that has seen forced induction vehicles eclipse nitrous vehicles in recent years.

However, that has all started to change now, thanks to the endeavours of the WON team as totalcontrol is now achievable due to a revolution in technical design, which has resulted in the birth of the REVO concept.

The REVO – Max Extreme system is the result of merging revolutionary advanced mechanical design & engineering, with advanced electronic control and topped off by the ultimate understanding of advanced flow dynamics, that was ESSENTIAL to make the mechanics and electronics work in practice, as they did in theory.  

The REVO is a SMOOTH progressive delivery system which can;

·Start delivering flow (fuel & nitrous) from as little as 1% upwards and increase progressively and smoooothly.

·Start delivering flow (fuel & nitrous) from as much as 100%  and progressively decrease.

·Increase or decrease power from the start.

·Increase and/or decrease the flow progressively a number of times during a run.

·Change power at any desired rate smoooothly, without any steps, pulses or limitations.

·Absolutely instantaneous fuel AND nitrous delivery.

·Change power instantly (stepped) if required, although that somewhat defeats the object.

·Electronically adjust the mixture ACCURATELY prior to a run

·Actively adjust the mixture during a run, to whatever ratio is desired for different parts of the run, using closed loop lambda control.

REVO units also offer all of the benefits of solenoids and air noids, WITHOUT any of the limitations of either.  Should you need more reasons to order the REVOs, the following is a list of advantageous features they offer;

·Low current load - approx. 1 Amp per unit.

·Light weight - approx. 120 grams (4 oz) per unit.

·Compact size – approx. 70mm x 40mm x 15mm.

·Immense power to weight ratio – REVO units are available in 250 HP & 500 HP versions, in the same size, weight and current draw.

·Anything between Zero to full flow and/or full flow to zero smoooothly

·Absolutely instantaneous fuel and nitrous delivery.

·Hardware design simplicity for maximum reliability.

·Advanced and intensively tested electronic hardware and software, proven to be 100% reliable.

The REVO system is the most advanced nitrous system in the world, offering the advantages of multi-staged kits AND pulsed progressive systems, WITHOUT any of the limitations or problems associated with either.

A REVO system;

·Does NOT need to be external purged prior to activation as it benefits from a self priming system.

·Does NOT need high Amp power supplies (battery, wiring, switches, relays, etc.), as with solenoids.

·Does NOT need an additional air supply and associated control components, as with air noids.

·Does NOT need nitrogen boost to prevent power loss due to bottle pressure drop.

·Does NOT need the fuel system priming.

·Does NOT suffer from any lag in either fuel or nitrous delivery.

·Does NOT suffer from any steps in the power delivery (as with staged kits).

·Does NOT suffer from a lack of power gain between activation of stages.

·Does NOT suffer from pulses of nitrous flow.

·Does NOT suffer from pulses of nitrous flow being mismatched to the fuel pulses.

·Does NOT suffer from pulsing adversely affecting the fuel system.

·Does NOT suffer from solenoid failures as a consequence of pulsing.

·Does NOT subject the engine to excessive loads.

·Does NOT need excessive timing retard, as with staged and pulsed kits.

·Does NOT suffer loss in power between pulses due to excessive retard that covers cycles without nitrous delivery.

·Does NOT cause traction problems, because it delivers the ULTIMATE in control.

In summary;

TOTAL CONTROL of smooooth "genuine" power resulting in NO LIMITS performance.

It is said that pictures are worth a 1,000 words, so the following video clips should tell you all you need to know.

From these clips you may not be able to identify clearly the REVO units from the relatively large alloy mounting bar that is securing them both to the bench but be assured, there are 2 run of the mill production REVO unit's there if you look closely. The pipe from the bottle connects to the main bar of the 'T' which is directly connected to a REVO valve on each outlet leg.

You should also be able to see that the REVO units are performing perfectly well in STAND ALONE MODE and are not relying on Pulsoids to shut off the flow. However, although the REVO’s will perform reliably as stand alone units, they will not be supplied other than as ‘ADD ON’ units to existing Pulsoid systems, to add some additional insurance in the early months of the REVO’s public release. The first clip shows a pair of REVO valves being operated by a Max Extreme. To show the flow is linked to the REVO movement, we've added a ‘temporary’ position indicator to each of the REVO drive shafts. We also flowed nitrous through ‘both’ REVO valves (rather than nitrous and fuel), for the following reasons;

·It's safer

·It's more obvious to see the changes in flow You will notice that the indicator position and the flow through each REVO is different and the reason for that is to demonstrate the mixture control that the Max Extreme provides. That is to say that we can individually and independently control the flow of fuel relative to nitrous flow to achieve optimum mixture throughout the run.  Both REVO valves could be set to open the same amount simultaneously (as shown in the later clips) but this demonstration shows how the mixture can be adjusted electronically rather than by changing jet sizes.


The next clip shows the 2 REVO valves working at the same rate and turning full on and off in under 0.2 sec. The REVO can actually open and close in under half that time but if you want such crude/basic control, then you might as well stick to crude/basic solenoids.

The following clip demonstrates the range of control that the Max Extreme offers over the REVO flow and shows how advantageous the combination will be over ALL existing nitrous control systems. For this clip we set the Max to deliver 3 different flow rate ramps as the Max automatically steps through the gears. We added a break between each gear to define the change in gear but the Max can be set so the delivery continues to rise or drop to any level before rising again without any breaks, if required. In this example we set the 1st gear to start from zero and rise to 100% then switch off quickly, in the next gear it was set to rise to 100% immediately and then reduce flow slowly and in the 3rd gear it was set to rise from zero to 100 and back again evenly. The possibilities for how the REVO/Max can be configured are endless.

  The final clip is without nitrous flow, to prevent you being distracted by the gas noise so you can take more notice of the valve position indicators. Once again this is for 3 gears and with different settings including ratio adjustment.


The following video clip is of the FIRST vehicle ever to use the ‘production’ REVO on the track. It is an OLD Pro Mod spec motorcycle, which was being run on a shoestring budget by the owner Dave Bailey. It was originally built & raced with a NOS kit, which was then upgraded to a WON pulsed system and then finally upgraded to a REVO system.

With each upgrade the bike went approx. 0.1 secs quicker than it had been doing up to that time. Although the times being run on the bike (HERE in the UK) are much slower than bikes in the same class in the USA, the following EXTREMELY IMPORTANT criteria should be kept in mind;

·The bikes raced in the USA have HUGE financial support, whereas Dave has NONE.

·Dave’s bike is so old that it runs a smaller tire, has a shorter wheel base and is lacking some frame bracing that all the top US bikes benefit from.

·Dave’s engine is made up of such antiquated and abused parts, that it is held together by prayer alone, whilst the TOP US bikes have new engines SPARE.

·There are many more bikes in the Pro Mod class in the USA (there are ONLY 3 in the UK), so it is inevitable that some will run quicker than Dave is doing due to the law of probability alone.

·Although there are a good number of US Pro Mod bikes that have run quicker than 7.0 the majority seldom run quicker than that. Even some of the top names have only recently run consistently under 7 secs.

·Dave is lucky to get to race 6 times a year and at each event lucky to get as many as 6 runs, so just 36 runs a year MAXIMUM and this year I’d guess he’s only managed half that many.

·The tracks here are seldom prepared to an adequate standard for Pro Mod bikes to perform well.

·The weather in the UK is seldom good enough to get a full weekends racing, although I concede that some parts of the US suffer as badly nowadays.

·Dave has been the guinea pig for the REVO and were we to start over again with what we know now the results would be more impressive.


The REVO delivers ‘ACTUAL’ power not short duration bursts of high power of the "CHOPPED UP" kind delivered by pulsed systems.  It is kinder to the engine/transmission and allows the engine to make far more power and deliver it in an even more useable manner. To explain the term ‘ACTUAL’ in comparison with "CHOPPED UP", let me give you an example.

Let's say you have jets that deliver 500 hp and you want to launch with 100 hp, with a pulsed system you will have to pulse the system at a 20% duration meaning that 20% of the time the engine will be hit with 500 hp and 80% of the time it won’t receive anything. This less than ideal delivery method is how a well designed progressive system works, so a badly designed system could be worse.  The hammer effect happens approximately 35 times per second with a WON pulsed system but using most other systems, it can occur as few as 10 times per second and the fewer the times it pulses per second, the bigger the hammer blows on the engine are.

In contrast, the REVO would "ACTUALLY" flow just the 100 hp (or less as required) continuously across ALL firing cycles, so there would be NO hammer effect and less load on the engine components, as well as less violent changes in load.

For this next example we’ll keep the 500hp jets and say that the vehicle can only handle 50 hp (10%) on the launch instead.  While your controller may have a setting for 10%, there is NO solenoid in the world that can operate that low, whilst still flowing such large amounts at full flow, so you’re stuck, because your pulsed solenoids can’t deliver less than 100 hp (20%).

With a pulsed system you only have 2 ‘correct’ options for dealing with this situation (although I concede that there are others but those are just band aides) and they are to;

·activate the system later when the vehicle can handle it


·reduce the jets to 250 hp and sacrifice top end performance

Obviously both ‘solutions’ are less than ideal!!!

With a REVO not only is it possible to deliver just 10% of the full flow but it is possible to go as low as 1%

Using the figures mentioned above the following are examples of the differences in the capabilities of pulsed and REVO technology and differences in the way a vehicle might respond. Whilst both pulsed and REVO systems can deliver progressive power, there is a huge difference in the way it is achieved, the potential each can achieve and the results on the vehicle.

Not only will the REVO deliver the power in a much more user and engine friendly manner, but it will deliver over a much wider range. Using the same 500 hp example, I’ll now explain the major differences in how the REVO does the job, in a way that pulsing solenoids never can; 

In the above example, when a pulsed system delivers a 500 hp shot the first few firing cycles experience the FULL 500 hp just as if the vehicle had a fixed hit kit rather than a progressive system and responds accordingly (relatively violently), so even at 20% the vehicle is really having to deal with 500 hp. This means that although the average power increase is only 100 hp (20% of 500hp), the results are nothing like what they would have been if a fixed hit kit of just 100 hp had been used.  It is for this reason that 3, 4 & 5 stage kits can produce as good if not better results than some pulsed progressive kits.

On the other hand with a REVO system the engine/vehicle experiences a GENUINE 20% power level, which is supplied to the engine over all engine cycles, WITHOUT any large initial spikes in power.

The impact this has on engine reliability and vehicle response is extremely beneficial alone but the benefits don’t end there.

Let’s just forget that major benefit for a minute and let’s assume that 20% of REVO power was still too much for the vehicle to handle, which it most certainly wouldn’t be when compared to a pulsed 20%.  In this scenario you would no longer be limited to 20% being your lowest power option, as you could now go down as low as just ONE percent, meaning that as long as you have adequate traction for a full power launch without nitrous, it should be possible to activate the REVO system on the launch.  As any racer will confirm; the sooner you can get even a small amount of nitrous into use on a run the more affect it will have on improving your acceleration time.

For the next scenario we’ll go back to the ‘actual’ situation where the vehicle WILL be able to handle MUCH MORE ‘GENUINE’ REVO power, keeping in mind the advantage that the REVO has of being able to deliver as little as just ONE percent start power. With a pulsed system the consequences of not being able to start lower than 20% and having the sledge hammer effect on the vehicles response, means that the potential maximum power (jet sizes) a vehicle can handle is very restricted. However, with the REVO system these restrictions are eliminated or at least substantially stretched, which means you can add much more power later in the run, whilst still delivering as little as required at the start.

The end result is better launch control, a more stable and more controlled run, with the ability to make as much power as the overall package can handle.

The following is an example of how a REVO-Max Extreme system might be set up;


If you’d like to see how a REVO-Max system might be set up to perform as you’d like it to on your own vehicle, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to program the Max Extreme to drive the REVO's to run that program and video the results to demonstrate it for you.

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