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The long awaited nitrous REVO-lution has begun!!

We are extremely proud to introduce you to the WON REVO (Rotary Electronic Variable Orifice) flow control valve, which is an entirely NEW concept in progressive flow control technology.  

Despite more than two decades at the forefront of pulsed technology (in the form of our Pulsoids and Max Extreme’s), we decided there was still a need for a superior delivery system, to enable nitrous assisted vehicles to reach even higher levels of performance and so the REVO was born..

The REVO delivers graduated progressive power seamlessly, without any pulses or steps, which is a quantum leap forward from even our own highly advanced pulsed technology, never mind the antiquated multi stage arrangements offered by all other companies.

Furthermore, the REVO is the ONLY major advance in nitrous technology in over 50 years, which takes nitrous injection into the 21st century (at last) and is ONLY available from WON.

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Comparison of a nitrous Pulsoid and a nitrous REVO.

For those who have yet to see a REVO here's what they look like and how they compare in size to a Pulsoid...

REVO & Pulsoid comparison

Videos of nitrous REVO's in action

Below are thumbnail links to video clips which demonstrate some of the capabilities the REVO has to offer.

Nitrous is used to represent both fuel and nitrous in these tests for safety reasons.

1500 bhp wizards of NOS Revo Valve

 Close up of our latest 1,500 HP REVO showing some of its potential. This test was set up to flow from 10% to 100% and back down again in 10 secs.


Wizards of NOS Revo 1500 bhp

Same again but from a distance to show the REVO attached to the bottle and more of the plume. Obviously the start percentage and rise rates etc. can be changed by the customer to suit their specific requirements.


Clip 1 - A pair of REVO’s showing linear progression of one with offset delivery of the other (demonstrating independent control of 2 units for mixture adjustment), then shutting off quickly.


Clip 2 - A pair of REVO’s showing how quickly they can be fully opened and closed if required - just over 1/10th of a second from closed to fully open and closed again.

Clip 3 -  A pair of REVO’s opening and closing at different rates to show some examples of the variation in delivery that could be used. Typically different delivery rates might be required for use in different gears.


Clip 4 – A repeat of clip 3 but without the nitrous flow, so you can concentrate on the smoothness and accuracy of the REVO movement, as indicated by the red pointers.


For full details of what the REVO nitrous technology has to offer, please take a look at our technical page.


The most advanced Pro Mod nitrous system ever created!

Available in ZERO - 1000 HP, and ZERO - 2000 HP versions, shown below is the 1000 HP version 

Picture 1 - Spot the nitrous system!


NOS nitrous Revo system

 Picture 2 shows the unique secondary fuel rail


NOS nitrous Revo system

Picture 3 shows the rest of the system mounted under the manifold and an end view of the secondary fuel rails.

NOS nitrous Revo system

Picture 4 shows a front view of the full system assembly before installation.


NOS nitrous Revo system

Picture 5 shows the side view of the full system assembly before installation


NOS nitrous Revo system

Picture 6 shows the nitrous discharge tubes installed in the open manifold


The following pictures are of our Pro Street bike system, which is capable of ZERO to 350 hp, owned and raced by Cecil Towner of HTP Performance, which has posted the quickest time ever in the class.

Picture 1 shows the unique Nitrous Discharge Tubes fitted to the Pro Street bikes 

Picture 2 shows the Pulsoid and REVO assembly connected to the 'Y' block.

Picture 3 shows a full REVO front end from Pulsoid to discharge tubes


The following are CAD representations of motorcycle REVO nitrous systems

 REVO Nitrous System for street bike applications such as Real Street 


REVO Nitrous System for use on race bike applications such as Pro Modified


For more information regarding the R & D involved in this revolutionary nitrous technology and past results; visit our REVO HISTORY PAGE