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REVO Nitrous History

The long awaited nitrous REVOLUTION starts here, with a whole new concept in progressive flow control technology taking nitrous injection into the 21st century.

WON are extremely proud to announce the official launch of ‘The REVO’ system!

At the dawn of nitrous history there were single stage, fixed hit kits.

Next came 2 stage and 3 stage, followed soon after by 4 and even 5 stage kits. Then came pulsed progressive technology, which was the only ‘real’ progression in nitrous technology for over 30 years. Even when executed correctly (as only WON have been able to achieve), this technique still fell short of the ultimate level of control that nitrous requires.

The first smooth delivery system I designed and prototyped was based on a modified solenoid but it suffered from a couple of issues that I felt we could overcome with a totally different design (which eventually lead to the REVO) but despite that we;

1) Casually tested it on a Hyabusa (that had been set up to be as rich as possible) by just spraying nitrous into the 2 air intakes as shown in the following video clip.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much professionalism involved in this very basic test and there was a lack of coordination between myself (operating the nitrous controls) and the guy operating the bike, so there were a few misalignments of intention and it’s not the best demonstration of how it ‘should’ have been done, but the end result still proved the prototype of this version worked reasonably well.

If you look at the graph at the end of the clip, you can see INTENTIONAL spikes and troughs with variations in between, which were as a consequence of my control and for the purpose of demonstrating the extremes possible with such a concept;

2) Then actually fitted the system (with some additional refinements) to Dave Bailey’s street legal Hyabusa and tested it properly on the DSD dyno and made 73 hp from what we calculated would be 70 hp flow, so pretty accurate work there. 

As you can see the transition from NA to nitrous is as smooth as you could ever want;


3) Dave then made over a dozen faultless runs (as far as the smooooth progressive was concerned-lol), with the most notable result being Dave's comment, that he couldn't tell when the system started flowing, it was soooo smooooth. This was supported by the fact that he was able to handle DOUBLE the power (of his pulsed system) without causing wheelies. Also despite clutch problems and the poor time of year, he still managed to run over 1/10th quicker and with a terminal speed of over 10 mph higher than he’d previously a Pulsoid system.

The following video clip is of the FIRST vehicle ever to use the ‘production’ REVO on the track. Dave Bailey was so aware of the potential of the REVO system that he volunteered along with his OLD Pro Mod spec bike (which was being run on a shoestring budget), to assist us with the REVO R&D program. The bike was originally built & raced with a NOS kit, which was then upgraded to a WON dual Pulsoid system (2 fuel & 2 nitrous with 1pr feeding just 2 cylinders each as a single pulsed progressive system). However, Dave had been struggling with his launches because he couldn’t reduce the power low enough by pulsing the Pulsoids (whilst maintaining a high enough full power level) and as a consequence kept blowing the tyre away, so it was a prime candidate for a REVO system.

Although the times being run on the bike (HERE in the UK) are much slower than bikes in the same class in the USA, the following EXTREMELY IMPORTANT criteria should be kept in mind;

· The bikes raced in the USA have HUGE financial support, whereas Dave has NONE.

· Dave’s bike is so old that it runs a smaller tire, has a shorter wheel base and is lacking some frame bracing that all the top US bikes benefit from.

· Dave’s engine is made up of such antiquated and abused parts, that it is held together by prayer alone, whilst the TOP US bikes have new engines SPARE.

· There are many more bikes in the Pro Mod class in the USA (there are ONLY 3 in the UK), so it is inevitable that some will run quicker than Dave is doing due to the law of probability alone.

· Although there are a good number of US Pro Mod bikes that have run quicker than 7.0 the majority seldom run quicker than that. Even some of the top names have only recently run consistently under 7 secs.

· Dave is lucky to get to race 6 times a year and at each event lucky to get as many as 6 runs, so just 36 runs a year MAXIMUM and this year I’d guess he’s only managed half that many.

· The tracks here are seldom prepared to an adequate standard for Pro Mod bikes to perform well.

· The weather in the UK is seldom good enough to get a full weekends racing, although I concede that some parts of the US suffer as badly nowadays.

· Dave has been the guinea pig for the REVO and were we to start over again with what we know now the results would be more impressive.

On his first run using the REVO system I was VERY HAPPY that Dave ran SLOWER than he did when using the pulsed system, because the main reason his times were slower was TOO LITTLE power at the start of the run, which proved the REVO concept had overcome the launch problem of too much power, that he’d previously been suffering from!! The following are some of the key numbers to prove the point;

· For a direct comparison we limited the REVO system to just 200 hp the same as Dave had the pulsed system set to.

· Dave was previously unable to launch with 20% of 200 hp (40 hp in 'theory' at least) and we decided to set the REVO to launch with just 10% 

· Rather than just resulting in a 10% drop in power, Dave actually reported a SUBSTANTIAL drop in power.

· On the next run he increased the start power to 20% and reported back again saying it was better but still much less power than the bike could handle.

· He then increased the start power to 30% and this time he was happier with the increase but it was still less than the bike could handle.

· Unfortunately other problems with spark plugs prevented Dave from covering the whole 1/4 mile on full power to achieve a representative result of what the REVO could deliver on this run (and a couple of his previous ones) but the fact that 30% of REVO power is less aggressive than 20% of pulsed power proved that the REVO concept would eventually deliver the results we want.

· From the outset of the REVO project I expected vehicles to respond less violently to over double the pulsed power but after the experiences with Dave I now believe it could be as much as triple the amount and that gives us yet more advantages over pulsed systems.

Dave commented;

“Previously I was using 200bhp jets, pulsed at 20% (40bhp) over the first 60ft, at the Pod during the Euro-finals (i.e. the best track prep), would blow the tyre away. I got round this at the time by hitting 2nd gear almost immediately after launching”. “Now using the REVO that will flow 500 to 600bhp of nitrous (!), with the same clutch and overall setup, even the same slick, with the REVOs set (via the Max Extreme) to give a maximum setting of 200bhp, I then tried different launch settings and got as high as 40% (80bhp) with LITERALLY NO TYRE SPIN, before being knocked out of competition due to ignition/plug problems!”

At Dave’s next race meeting on his 1st run he recorded his best 60ft time that he has run for a long time (but still not a PB), before having to back off the throttle to avoid hitting the wall. For his next run he decided to increase the Max Extreme settings and as a consequence the bike suffered from SEVERE tyre shake. Once again I was VERY HAPPY with the results, even though Dave still didn't get close to his previous PB but this time I was happy due to the tyre shake, because a number of people had incorrectly claimed, that a 'smooth progressive' nitrous power delivery would NOT be capable of making big slicks hook up on high end vehicles and the fact that Dave experienced tyre shake, proves that's NOT the case. Tyre shake is most commonly associated with excessive power delivery and Dave himself attributed the tyre shake in this instance to having set the Max Extreme/REVO power delivery to severely. PROOF CONCLUSIVE THAT THE REVO SYSTEM WILL BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VEHICLE TYPES AND APPLICATIONS FROM STREET TO PRO MOD

Despite numerous set backs of the usual kind, Dave eventually ran a new PB and very nearly gave us the result we all wanted, which was to put the bike in to the 6s with this run;

The following pictures are of our first Pro Modified car system, which is capable of ZERO to 1,800 hp  






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