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Will using a NOS nitrous oxide system wear my engine out quicker?

Will using a NOS nitrous oxide system wear my engine out quicker?

A well designed, correctly fitted and set up nitrous system will not increase engine wear. In fact it is possible to use a Wizards of NOS nitrous system in such a way, as to reduce engine wear and yet still improve vehicle performance.

Anyone who finds it hard to believe that engine wear will not be higher than normal when using a nitrous system should consider the following;

1) Most wear occurs during initial cranking and the warm-up cycle

2) The wear rate once the engine is at running temperature under normal conditions is quite low and this is the only time nitrous should be used.

3) Even if the wear rate was worse when using nitrous, it would only be worse than normal running, which as we’ve just covered is not when the worst wear happens anyway.

4) The time that the engine is actually using nitrous oxide, is an insignificantly small percentage of an engines running time.

With all the above in mind, even if nitrous increased wear, the overall impact on the engine would be insignificant.

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