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Will a NOS nitrous system damage my engine?

Will nitrous injection damage my engine?

The use of a correctly designed, high quality nitrous oxide system, that is fitted and used correctly within prescribed safe limits, will put your engine at little to no risk of damage.

Should you be unwise enough to use one of the many badly made generic kits (as sold by most other companies), you would be at substantial risk of damaging your engine, especially if it’s not used correctly.

It should always be remembered, that no matter what tuning method you use to enhance engine power, it is wise to make sure that;

  • Your engine components are adequate of handling power increases from a Nitrous Oxide System
  • the installation work is carried out correctly
  • you avoid the temptation to increase the power beyond safe limits

Failure to comply with the above advice will increase the risk of engine damage.

When correctly designed nitrous system is fitted and used correctly (to an engine in good condition), to make a sensible power increase, the risk of engine component failure will not be increased any more than by using any other tuning method. In actual fact it is uniquely possible to reduce the stress on key engine components and yet still improve vehicle performance when using nitrous oxide, unlike any other tuning method.

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