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Can I activate my Nitrous Oxide System at any time under any conditions?

Can I activate my Nitrous Oxide System at any time under any conditions?

 You can activate the system under any conditions, in which you would ‘normally’ wish to achieve hard acceleration. However, it would be unwise and an increased risk to your engine components, to use the NOS nitrous oxide system when your engine is under abnormally high loads. For example, it would be fine to use the nitrous system from a rolling start in first gear at 1,000 rpm, but it would be very unsafe to use the nitrous system from 1,000 rpm in top gear, especially on an uphill incline. In such an instance and before activating the nitrous system, ensure you are in the appropriate gear, so the engine can freely accelerate.It is unwise to accelerate an engine through the rev limiter with or without the nitrous system activated, but the risks are increased when using nitrous oxide, because the engine accelerates more rapidly.Never consider activating the system unless the engine is responding normally without nitrous. When nitrous is injected, the engine should respond as follows, the rpm should increase rapidly and the exhaust note should get louder. If you experience anything other than as described, switch off the system immediately and seek expert advice before using again.


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