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Where can I buy nitrous oxide from?

Where can I buy nitrous oxide from?

The most convenient and ultimately the cheapest option would be to purchase nitrous oxide in bulk by renting a large cylinder of nitrous oxide from one of the national gas manufacturers / suppliers (such as Nitrous Oxide Supplies, Energas or Linde Gas). This way you can store the cylinder in your garage and refill your small cylinder yourself at your convenience. To carry out this procedure safely you will need a stand, a refill adaptor and line (which we can supply at a lower price than the gas suppliers), but the cost of these extras are soon offset by the cost savings on the gas price. Companies that sell Nitrous Oxide Systems often offer a refill service and unless you have to travel a long distance to reach their premises, this option can sometimes be more convenient and work out cheaper, depending on how much nitrous you use, etc. Paying per refill is also cheaper in the short term with less of a bulk drain on the wallet and if you’re not young and/or fit, will be an easier process.To ensure you get the best price, I advise you to contact more than one company for a quote before deciding where to purchase your nitrous supplies from, because the price often varies by a substantial amount.




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