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What modifications will be necessary or beneficial before fitting my Nitrous Oxide System?

What modifications will be necessary or beneficial before fitting my Nitrous Oxide System?

Having your engine serviced, your fuelling and timing optimised, fitting a replacement distributor cap and rotor arm (if appropriate), fitting new harder (colder) spark plugs, checking the torque settings of your head bolts, changing your oil and fitting a replacement fuel filter, are all procedures to carry out, before fitting a nitrous system, however, no major modifications should be needed unless you intend to add more power than the existing engine components can handle.

Any modifications that will be of benefit to the standard engine will also be beneficial to a nitrous injected motor. Whether the modifications are necessary rather than beneficial will depend on the power level you wish to achieve and the limitations of each of your original engine components. It is impossible to know what modifications may need to be made and at what power level they may be needed, therefore building the strongest possible engine, is the only way to ensure maximum reliability. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to gradually increase the power level in modest sensible increments, rather than jumping in at the deep end with a large power increase right at the start. By starting at a low power level and making small incremental steps there is a greater chance of a problem becoming obvious, before serious damage is caused. Whilst most people expect engine components like pistons and con rods to be at risk when using nitrous, it’s usually the ignition components, the head gasket or the clutch that show signs of weakness first. Whilst there is the possible risk of piston failure, it is very unlikely when using a correctly designed nos system , that has been fitted correctly and set to a reasonable power level.

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