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The Most Advanced Nitrous Solenoid - The X-10 Pulsoid

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Making the best nitrous solenoid in the world even better has been a far from easy task but the accumulation of experience in the WON team has paid off once again, as can be seen below.

Wizards of NOS X-10 nitrous solenoid and X-10 fuel solenoid

The unrivalled ‘original’ Pulsoid features list

  • CNC machined aircraft quality, one piece, billet aluminium ‘full’ body for cooler running and outstanding reliability.
  • Stunning high lustre anodised and colour coded finish.
  • Weight saving of up to 75% over other brands.
  • Optimum port location for minimal flow disruption and density loss.
  • Maximum power to size ratio.
  • Hi-tech thermoplastic plunger seal for ZERO wear.
  • Adjustable seat height to minimize lift for optimum response to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) – the only adjustable solenoid in the world.
  • Aircraft quality coil insulation to resist overheating for a long life.
  • Low Amp current draw coil for cooler running and less battery load.
  • Rapid response coil for instant reaction to PWM, essential for progressive power.
  • Repositioned/improved wire outlet position.
  • CNC machined stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings.
  • Polished, laser cut stainless steel mounting bracket. 

Wizards of NOS X-10 Nitrous and fuel solenoids

Improvements delivered by the X-10

  1. PTFE coated plungers for even longer wear free life, plus further improved response to PWM and most importantly for total plunger resistance to corrosion.
  2. Stronger magnetic circuit for quicker and more accurate plunger response.
  3. Offset inlet port for improved and increased flow with less phase change – this is the same principle we use in our well proven super high flow MaxFlow bottle valves.
  4. Larger inlet port for higher flow
  5. Increased heat dissipation for cooler running.
  6. The addition of an integral purge port for a complete purge with no disruption to the inlet flow path.

X-10 Nitrous solenoidWizards of NOS nitrous X-10 solenoid

Additional improvements

  1. The most amazing aesthetics – without doubt the most stylish solenoid ever designed.
  2. Improved mounting bracket with multiple mounting options, laser cut from polished stainless steel.
  3. Improved insulation between body and wire exit
  4. Higher lustre high contrast anodised body components to further enhance the new aesthetics
  5. Optional billet alloy finisher cap. (See images below)

Each Pulsoid component no matter how seemingly insignificant, has been carefully designed and/or selected for its particular job, resulting in the safest most effective nitrous solenoids available today.

Wizards of NOS Nitrous and fuel X-10 solenoid cooling fins

Technical Specifications

Voltage - 10 - 24 V DC

Current consumption (approx) - 10 Amps @ 12 VDC (14 amps for 250 and 350 BHP versions)

Frequency response (approx) - 15 - 50 Hz

Length including cap and 4mm outlet - 82mm

Max width of body - 36mm

Weight Pulsoid only (approx) - 200 g (7 oz)

Wizards of NOS, X-10 NOS solenoids