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Purchasing a second bottle, do you need brackets?

Purchasing a new system with twin bottles or a spare bottle for an existing system, you will need to consider the brackets!

Due to bracket designs you may find you need to purchase some additional items in order to fit your new cylinder to your vehicle. We will explain our bracket design and considerations in order for you to correctly select what you need.

WON - Bottle Brackets

WON Nitrous Bottle Bracket         WON Upper Section Bottle Bracket

Full Bracket Upper Section



All current WON car systems are supplied with the above bracket. This is a two piece bracket that consists of an "Upper Section" and a "Base". The upper section is designed to be permanently mounted to the nitrous bottle for quick install and removal from the base which remains in the vehicle.

Adding a spare bottle - As the top section is designed to be permanent it is not practical to try to remove the upper section and swap to another cylinder everytime the cylinder is empty. This means that when wanting a cylinder as a spare an upper section will be needed.

My existing bracket does not look like this, what should I do?

If your current bracket uses a non permanent strap ie. Stainless Jubilee Style or Velcro etc. then you will not need any additional parts to swap cylinders. If your bracket is similar to that shown above but not made fully of stainless steel then you will have to consider purchasing new brackets for both of your cylinders. Our older style quick release brackets are not compatible with the new style. If you decide to do this simply include a full bracket with your cylinder purchase and purchase a seperate "Upper Section" to suit your bottle size from our brackets section.

Running Dual Nitrous Bottles - A complete second bottle to be installed will need a full bracket as shown above. Connection - you can either swap the feed hose from one cylinder to another when each runs out or if wanting to run both cylinders together a piping kit will be needed to tee the bottles together. These can be purchased seperately in our bottles section.


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