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Street Nitrous Kits

Street Car Nitrous Kits for carburettored engines
  1. Wizards of NOS SB150 Pro Stud Nitrous Kit

    SB125 Pro-Stud


    Wizards of NOS Street-Blaster 125 Pro-Sud - A hidden system for single 4-barrel carburetted engines with any type of manifold, but specifically suited to dual plane manifolds

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  2. SB150c



    Street-Blaster 150c for carburetted engines

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  3. SB150c2



    Street-Blaster 150c2 for direct port system suited to carburetted engines

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  4. Street-Blaster 150c4 Nitrous Kit



    Street-Blaster 150c4 direct port system for 4cyl carburetted engine>

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