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Bottle Valve Types Explained!

Thinking about a new valve or need to know which valve is best in your new system, the following descriptions will answer your questions.

Full-Dip or Inverted?

Full-dip valves have a syphon tube, sometimes refered to as a dip tube that goes from the valve down to the bottom of the bottle to pick up the liquid. ( Nitrous systems run off liquid not the gas). In most cases this is the normal valve for your system, the brackets with our systems are designed to use this valve. Bottles can be mounted upright down to a 15deg incline.

Inverted valves have a very short tube long enough only to get past the neck of the bottle. Inverted valves flow more than standard valves so are opted by racers when trying to squeeze the most out of their system. However as the description hints, the bottle must run inverted which can be impractical as there are few places to mount vertical securely in standard applications. Also an important factor on whether to choose this valve is whether you really need the extra flow that an inverted valve gives. A standard valve will flow easily in excess of 400Bhp worth of nitrous (with the appropriate outlet fittings). Consider this if racing and using modest amounts of nitrous.

Nitrous Bottle with Full Length Dip TubeInverted Nitrous Bottle Short Dip Tube

Standard or Race?

Race valves have a larger diameter dip tube and radiused tube inlet to maximise flow through the Maxflow valve. This boosts the valve flow for serious applications and even further when using inverted race valves. These should be considered if running large doses of nitrous, multi-stage systems etc.


Wizards of Nos Dip Tube Sizes

For more information on the flow capabilities of the valves please refer to our Maxflow valve product pages.

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