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Black widow Spider Nitrous Plate Systems

The Wizards of NOS Black Widow Spider (BWS) Nitrous system utilises the most advanced plate design in the world and is available to suit most V8 engines.

Wizards of NOS Black Widow Spider Nitrous Plate

Its unique design sets it head and shoulder above all other plates, as only the WON BWS nitrous kit offers all the benefits of a direct port nitrous system plus all the benefits of a plate (without the disadvantages of either), all in one compact package.

The BWS plate system benefits from numerous unique features as standard equipment, which offer substantial advantages over all other options.

Click here for a comparison of WON vs other brands.

Click here to see the results of an independant test done on a WON kit vs a Nytrex kit.

All WON BWS systems benefit from;

  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • The ultimate in high quality components, which are machined to aerospace standards
  • The famous WON Direct Port Black Widow Spider nitrous plate.
  • The famous WON billet alloy X-10 Nitrous Pulsoids.
  • EU specification nitrous bottle
  • The WON billet alloy FlowMax nitrous valve, with our unique SPRV.
  • The Laserlite QD nitrous bottle mounting system.

If you want a simple to fit, reasonably priced system that delivers maximum reliability and power; the WON BWS nitrous systems have been designed and developed with you in mind. These systems are available for street and race use, so you can enjoy the WON experience purely for the thrill or for the more serious use, of gaining a competitive edge.

Black Widow Spider nitrous systems are offered in a range of power levels that can deliver addition power up to 750 bhp.

With all WON components being manufactured to such extremely high standards, the Black Widow range offers peace of mind as well impressive results and all at a competitive price.

Whether you just want the famous WON experience or you need the ultimate power to win races, the Black Widow will deliver exactly what you want - order online NOW!

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