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NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems

NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems

By The Wizards of NOS

The First Ever NOS Nitrous System

The first ever nitrous oxide system (commonly abbreviated to NOS ) was conceived and installed on WW2 aircraft to aid speed and altitude capabilities, where a reduction in atmospheric pressure would normally hinder power. The addition of NOS gave them a serious advantage in dogfights, delivering anything up to another 500 bhp.

NOS for Cars

After the war was over, NOS didn’t become available for automotive applications until the mid 1970s, after which it  soon made its way into Drag racing. NOS systems became famous due to the exceptional power increases they gave instantly, and of course some of the dramatic results when used incorrectly. Unfortunately, inadequate knowledge and poor equipment meant the blame for failures was aimed at the nitrous oxide itself, rather than the poor quality of the NOS system and user error.


A modern WON NOS system comprises of more advanced parts, and an increasing amount of knowledge has lead to more reliability and vastly improved equipment. Unfortunately however, it’s still the case that the fitting of a NOS system will wrongly get the blame for an engine failure even if it isn’t the cause, which is proven when a Wizards of NOS system is installed. A Wizards of NOS nitrous oxide system not only comprises of the very best and most advanced NOS components available, they are also backed by 35 years of dedicated nitrous knowledge, and by the Wizard of NOS himself (Trevor Langfield) aided by his very capable team. As a result, even the most demanding application remains reliable.

NOS Will NOT Cause engine Failure

It’s now the case that we can say categorically a ‘Wizards of NOS Nitrous Oxide System’ won’t cause engine failure.