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SB150D5 - 5 Cyl Direct Port Diesel Car Nitrous Kit:

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The Street-Blaster 150D5 is a direct port, dry, nitrous only system that has been designed specifically for 5 cylinder diesel applications. 

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SB150D6 - 6 Cyl Direct Port Diesel Car Nitrous Kit

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The Street-Blaster 150D5 is a frequent choice for diesel engines and benefits from numerous unique features as standard equipment, which offer substantial advantages over all other brands of nitrous systems.

The Street-Blaster 150D5 is a dry, nitrous only direct port system that has been designed specifically for 5 cylinder diesel applications. Unlike typical direct port systems, the SB150D5 not only has one injector per cylinder, but also an additional 6th injector that is located at the entry to the manifold, which means it provides the advantages of both direct port and single point injection.

We at WON have extensive knowledge specific to diesel applications that we'd like to share with you;

1) The latest additions to WON nitrous systems mean that diesels are now even more suited to nitrous injection.  

2) Our latest system designs and enhancements to existing systems mean they are even easier to fit to diesel engines than ever before.

3) A very important aspect of nitrous injection on diesels, is that it is impossible for an incorrect fuel/air ratio, to damage the engine by running lean or due to detonation.

4) Being so robust, diesel engines are far more capable of handling greater power increases than the equivalent petrol engine.

5) As diesel engines don’t rely on a spark ignition, they are not at risk of spark failure, so what is normally the first limiting factor of a petrol engine will never be an issue.  

Modern diesels give outstanding fuel economy, but they are more limited than petrol engines, in how much extra power they can be tuned to make, using conventional means. However, by fitting a WON nitrous system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – economical normal day to day running with a major power boost available at the flick of a switch.

A diesel engine requires a dry nitrous system, but additional fuel must still be available for combustion with the nitrous, in order to see an improvement in performance. The fuel is normally and simply added via the cars own fuel injection system. Many modern diesels are remapped from standard before nitrous injection is fitted, so the user usually notices a significant improvement by simply fitting a nitrous 'only' Street-Blaster 150D5 system, but just how much additional power is difficult to predict. An alternative to the traditional remap is a switchable tuning box which can be switched to deliver more fuel when the nitrous system is activated, allowing the user to achieve higher power levels with the nitrous system.

The Street-Blaster 150D5 has the potential to increase the power of your engine by up to 150 horsepower. However, each engine's power output capabilities and total power achievable can vary depending on many factors.

Click here for a comparison of WON vs other brands.

UNRIVALED list of standard features:

  • Lifetime Warranty.  
  • Anodised billet alloy X-10 Pulsoid with CNC machined stainless steel fittings and laser cut, polished, stainless steel mounting bracket.
  • Pulsoid that NEVER wears out, guaranteed.
  • Laser cut polished stainless steel Quick Release bottle mounting system.
  • Anodised billet alloy bottle valve body.
  • Anodised billet alloy valve handwheel.
  • Anodised billet alloy Safe Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • NO purge required.
  • 24/7 tech support.

    Parts Included in this system are as follows:
  • Our famous billet alloy X-10 Nitrous Pulsoid with SS fittings and laser cut mounting plates.
  • Metering Jet (3 initial jets that range per application).
  • 1 x 5 lb. bottle with Maxflow bottle valve.
  • 1 x Laser cut polished stainless steel Quick Release bottle mounting system.
  • 1 x Throttle microswitch w/ bracket. TPS available for an extra charge.
  • 5m of 5mm High pressure nylon nitrous supply line.
  • 3 x 5mm retaining nuts and olives for nylon lines.
  • 3m of 4mm Nylon line from Pulsoid to injectors. 
  • 15 x 4mm retaining nuts and olives for nylon lines.
  • 6 x Venom injectors (with spacer & retainer) - The 6th injector is positioned at the plenum entry to achieve optimum distribution.
  • 1 x 6 Way single distribution bloclk
  • 1 x Arming switch w/ aircraft style cover.
  • 1 x Electrical connectors & wire pack.
  • Fitting instructions & stickers.

*NB the image used may not be an exact representation of the parts included, but the parts list is.

As standard the system is supplied with nylon, 5mm OD high pressure nitrous supply pipe, which keeps undesirable gaseous nitrous to a minimum. Consequently you are saved the expense of adding a purge kit to the system.
Braided hose can be chosen from the drop-down menu, but is only advisable for those living in hot countries where temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees. When braided hose is used, it is advisable to add, a purge system for optimum performance. 

SB150D Direct Port Installation Manual


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