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Vortex Pro Race 150 Dry

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Wizards of NOS Vortex Pro Race 150 Hayabusa direct port dry 4 cyl nitrous kit, capable of up to 150 BHP

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Vortex Pro Race 150 Dry

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The unique concept behind the Vortex Pro Race 150 Dry makes it the most effective Hayabua specific, direct port dry system on the market. The distinctive feature of a Vortex Pro Race 150 Dry is its state of the art Vortex Velocity Stacks, which are quick and easy to intall. From a performance aspect, the lack of protruding nozzles interfering with the normal airflow (as other brands of nitrous velocity stacks that house Fogger type nozzles do) is worth up to 10 bhp NA. Independent results have proven that when adding up to 150 bhp to a Busa engine, a Vortex Pro Race 150 Dry can out perform any other direct port dry kit in all respects, whilst also being more user friendly.

Our WON Vortex Velocity Stacks [VVStacks] are our latest innovative products, that perfectly complement our world leading range of nitrous products. Created specifically for our growing number of Suzuki Hayabusa customers worldwide, our VVStacks are the only CNC machined billet alloy stacks in the world. Obviously that means they are the highest quality stacks in the world and as a result of the revolutionary design, our VVStacks are also the ultimate method of injecting nitrous oxide, because they are the only stacks in the world capable of generating a supercharging vortex, that substantially enhances cylinder filling.

Our VVStacks are designed specifically for the Gen 1 Hayabusa and offer a range of unique features, that are not only advantageous for nitrous use but also for normally aspirated use. These 2 piece CNC machined, ultra-high quality, bright gloss anodised billet alloy velocity stacks, are unlike any other product on the market.


Our Vortex Velocity Stacks;

* Have a unique integral hypo injection nitrous nozzle that not only minimises the obstruction to normal airflow but also generates a Nitrous vortex to supercharge the runner and increase cylinder filling, especially when compared to any engine using Fogger type nozzles which cause a substantial obstruction to airflow at all times. This unique feature alone can be worth 15 additional HP both without and with nitrous above all other nitrous injection methods.

* Have the biggest bore available on the market at a massive 60 mm.

* Are quick and easy to install.

Compare the WON Vortex Velocity Stacks with other alternatives;

Our VVStacks have a much bigger entry trumpet and bore, than any other brand (60mm compared with 55mm).

The internal bore of our VVStack trumpet also ‘tapers down’ to the throttle body bore size, rather than being ‘stepped down’, as is the case with the stock stack and all other aftermarket brands.

Each VVStack entirely replaces the original rubber, unlike other aftermarket stacks/trumpets, which only replace the OEM trumpet section.

The combination of the above features, produces a smoother flow path and results in a much higher air flow capability, than any other alternative.

Each VVStack is a two piece CNC machined billet alloy unit (rather than ‘just’ a one-piece trumpet made from rolled alloy tube, as offered by other companies), so you are not only getting a much higher quality product but you are also getting two parts for your money.

Each VVStack has an integrated nitrous nozzle (there's no need to purchase a set of Fogger type nozzles in addition to the trumpets, as with other stacks), so there are no extras to buy.


Before Ordering

The VVStacks are designed to connect directly to WON X10 Quadranoids using our 5mm nylon pipe. If you want to upgrade an existing WON system (that currently has 4mm pipe) or buy the VVStacks as part of a conventional Pulsoid & distribution block system (that uses 4mm pipework), additional 5mm to 4mm reducers will be required.

For US brand kits we can offer 3AN adapters to connect braided hose to the VVStacks but a better option is to upgrade to WON X10 Quadranoids instead.

For any applications that don't use any of the above pipework, please contact us with your system requirements and we will advise of the most suitable connection method.

In conclusion; WON Vortex Velocity Stacks are vastly superior in all respects to any alternative nitrous injection method, especially trumpets with Fogger type nozzles, clamps/plates with Fogger type nozzles, spray bars, etc.


Lifetime Warranty on all components.

Anodised billet alloy X-10 Nitrous Quadranoid that will never wear out, guaranteed.

Anodised billet alloy bottle valve. 

Anodised billet alloy, CNC machined ultra high quality Vortex Velocity Stacks.  

Polished stainless steel component mounting brackets.

NO purge required.

24/7 tech support.

Parts Included:

·  An anodised billet alloy Nitrous X-10 Quadranoid with CNC machined SS fittings & laser cut polished SS mounting plates.

·  1 x 20oz bottle with anodised billet alloy Maxflow valve (bottle shipped empty).

·  2 x laser cut polished stainless steel bottle mounting brackets.
·  4 x anodised billet alloy Vortex Velocity Stacks with fuel atomisers.

·  1.5m of 5mm ultra high pressure nylon nitrous supply line. 

·  2m of 5mm nylon nitrous supply line from Quadranoid to Velocity Stacks.

·  12 x 5mm stainless steel securing nuts (and olives) for nylon lines.

·  1 x arming switch w/ aircraft style cover.

·  1 x horn push conversion kit (switch & relay) or throttle operated micro switch with bracket.

·  1 x Electrical connectors & wire pack.

·  Fitting instructions & stickers.

NB whilst the system image may not be a true representation of the parts included, the above parts list is.


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